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tearing myself apart...

...from the things that make me hurt.

depressed lil' child
21 August
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My name is Kendra and this is a little about me...

bands-SLIPKNOT, cradle of filth, kittie, linkin park, the used,mest, stone sour, ill nino, marilyn manson, murderdolls, shinedown, metallica,my chemical romance, avenged sevenfold, lost prophets, ICP, nine inch nails, nirvana, alice in chains, korn, brand new, atreyu, breaking benjamin, mudvayne, AFI++and much much more

Why do you cry?

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you're so dumb
you are the "you're so dumb" happy bunny.
you are brutal in your words and enjoy putting
others down.

which happy bunny are you?
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your fuck.

What swear word are you?
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slipknot circle
You are a true maggot! You know almost all there is
to know about this amazing band we call
SlipKnoT! Stay [sic], MAGGOT!!

Are you a maggot?
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.:.Love is The Used <3

Amy Lee is Love

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.THIRTEEN is unfair love.

Happy Bunnys are Evil Love!

Jack and Sally are love.

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Bert McCracken is love.

The Simpsons are Love!

The Muppets are Love!

Days until Bush leaves office.

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